Our Sponsors

This project is mainly funded through the UCL Beacon for Public Engagement Innovation Seed scheme. We would like to thank them for giving us the chance to share this unique project with you, it’s quite the leap of faith!

The Institute of Physics has awarded the project a Public Engagement grant to develop publicity, branding and interactivity, we would like to thank them for their continued interest in the project.



The Royal Society has supported us through Dr. Janet Anders’ Dorothy Hodgkin fellowship. We have used their money to purchase a microscope, and the money will also go towards publicity.

Thorlabs have been exceptionally generous in giving us a discount on equipment, the nuts and bolts of our work!

We have been able to get a superior quality laser for the levitated microsphere experiment, which we would never have been able to afford without the generous support of Laser Quantum. No squinting will be necessary to see a glass sphere held aloft by nothing but light thanks to these guys!

Lambda Photometrics have kindly given us a generous discount on our superb Navitar microscope. Without such high quality optics we could not let you peak into the quantum world!

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