Mission Statement

What do you know about Quantum Physics? You may have heard about being in two places at once, “spooky action at a distance”, “God playing dice”, entanglement and teleportation. What a strange theory, crazy physicists!

Quantum Theory is true, it has been tested over and over again. It is used in technology, and there are many amazing experiments around the world exploiting Nature’s guilty little secret. Whether scientists are watching molecules being waves and particles at the same time, making balls of ultra-cold levitated trapped atoms, trying to make things you can see be in two places at once, or even just sending your bank details 100% securely, they are using Quantum Physics.

Have you ever seen a Quantum experiment? It’s likely not, and out goal is to show you real experiments that are used to probe the odd nature of this most enigmatic of theories, in an interactive way. Who knows, we may even find some new science on the way!

The Quantum Workshop was originally funded by the Beacon Innovation Seed fund at University College London.

3 thoughts on “Mission Statement”

  1. Lovely, I look forward to dipping into this pool of knowledge more often! Which elements of quantum physics are used in secure bank transfers? And how? Also, do you consider any science to do with human intentions and the ‘mystical’ world of manifestation; is this in fact science? Many thanks, Luc.

  2. Hi Luc, thank you for your message!

    Some fancy banks use “Quantum Cryptography” to make balance transfers. This is based on the fundamental quantum property of “entanglement”, where the property of one object is fundamentally linked to the property of another object. For example, you could have two electrons, and make them such that one has to be spinning clockwise, and the other has to be spinning anti-clockwise, but you don’t know which is which. As soon as you look at which way one is spinning, you *instantly* know which way the other is spinning, even if it’s very far away. Their “spin” is entangled. In a similar way, if someone tries to intercept your bank transfer, you *instantly* know about it.

    And here at The Quantum Workshop we are indeed interested in the role of the person in the experiment. Quantum mechanics is very weird, but we never see this in every day life. Why is this? Could quantum mechanics work with something that could think? I point you to James’ talk on the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Quantum-Workshop/295380063818110

    Stay in touch! Spread the word.

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