Beautiful trap loading video

Absolutely stunning footage taken by professionals of The Quantum Workshop’s levitated microsphere experiment. Watch as ash is loaded into the trap by vapourizing paper, and then the levitated particle is filmed.



James’ Royal Institution Quantum Theory short course

Sadly lectures 1 and 5 are missing, but you can enjoy the rest below:

The development of quantum theory

Interpretations of quantum theory

The impact of quantum physics on science

Why isn’t the world more weird?

Lia’s FameLab final

Lia was awesome and got through to the FameLab final! Just… can’t… tunnel…

Lia’s “Justin Bieber interfering with himself” talk

What would happen if you forced Justin Bieber through a tiny hole? Will he go all quantum? Find out here!

James’ “Why isn’t the world more weird” Bite Sized talk

Unfortunately low quality video, listen to James’ soothing voice tell you how to make an insect go Quantum.

Lia’s lightsaber talk

Why wont us pesky laser scientists hurry up and build you a lightsaber already? Here’s why:

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