SciBar, Science London, The Lamb 12th September 2012

So busy people had to sit on the floor, and queue out the door!
Get your smartphones out! Tweet about our laser!
Looking a bit tired after a solid hour of Q&A, James and Lia are still able to chat Physics breeze.

British Science Festival, Aberdeen 8-9th September 2012

Lia mans the stall, arty style.

Err, we can’t take photos when it’s busy. James Chats.

Science Museum Lates, 29th August 2012

Who dares to say Physicists aren’t cool. WHO DARES!
Attentive audience

Cardiff Science Festival, 13-14th July 2012

A levitated-microphere’s eye’s view of the public.

All of the team in full flow!

Our venue, the Wales Millennium Centre

The Times Cheltenham Science Festival, 15th June 2012

Karate Chop + pretending to have no lips + double teapot = fun.

Robots vs. Lasers!

Pervasive Media Lunchtime Lecture, Bristol, 16th March 2012

Science makes Lia want to raise the roof.

Chatting Quantum Physics… like you do.

Semaphore for “you’d need a radio laser to cool a human”.

Rapt Audience

Oxfordshire Science Festival 3rd March 2012

Young folk slightly suspicious that laser levitation is an optical illusion.

Lia gets so excited bringing Quantum Physics to the masses that she slaps herself in the face. And leaves a carbonated beverage next to the laser!

The happiness brought by lasers is a unique kind of happiness. James is happy to supply you with this emotion, you just have to ask.

Laser Physics Guest Lecture 2nd March 2012

Laser Physics students at UCL are pleased as punch when confronted with a glowing green box, and the wonders of laser cooling.

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