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Royal Society Summer Exhibition

We had an amazing night at the Royal Society Summer Exhibiton’s “lates” night, deftly fielding the eternal questions “what’s the application, then?”.

It was also TQW’s first chance to represent the Physics department at King’s College London.

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TQW goes into space (kind of)!

September 13, 2017 Leave a comment

TQW took a flight! We went on an aeroplane to Lisbon, to deliver a workshop to quantum scientists on optical levitation and doing science outreach, at a training school on Quantum Technologies for Space. It was fun! TQW didn’t get travel sick.

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Rise of the Quantum Machines!

Quantum James has written an article about when quantum machines will take over the world!

Read it in Physics World, January 2016.


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Article in the Guardian

Quantum James writes an article for the Guardian, about doing quantum physics with living things:

A living thing in two places at once? This quantum quandary test is limited

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Institute of Physics talk

James will be talking at the Institute of Physics in Bristol on the 10th March. TQW is of course coming with.


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The Cat is Alive /// Dead

Had a whole heap of fun talking with the Royal College of Art’s Space Program about the visualization of Quantum Physics. OBVIOUSLY WHAT YOU NEED IS A COOL GREEN LASER IN A BOX.


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Festival of Physics

The Quantum Workshop will be appearing at the Institute of Physics Festival of Physics on Saturday 22nd November. We will be giving a talk and appearing as an exhibition. Come say hi!


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